Freebie Bonus

Different Types of Casino Loyalty Bonuses

Freebie Bonus

Whilst the lure of a big welcome bonus is the thing that often gets players excited, it is the generosity of loyalty bonuses that can ultimately determine the value of joining an online casino.

Not all operators will offer loyalty bonuses to existing players, and even those that do can vary widely in what they offer. In this article we will outline the types of loyalty bonuses that are available, to help you pick a gift that keeps on giving.


The first promo to look out for, is the cashback offer. Not dissimilar to what some supermarkets offer regular shoppers, this type of promo rewards players who spend a certain amount of money. Unlike supermarket promotions, however, these offers are typically time-bound. That means you will have to spend up to the qualifying amount, within a shorter period of time - usually a month.

Given their regularity and relatively low qualifying barriers (i.e wager $50 in a month and get $10 back), these aren't often the most lucrative bonuses. That being said, if you're even just a semi-regular player these types of offers provide an almost guaranteed bonus each month. For lower staking players, this represents a good return - especially as they typically come with no wagering requirements attached.

VIP Bonuses

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

For the bigger spenders out there, VIP rewards schemes operate in a similar way - but with far more valuable prizes on offer. The amount needed to qualify as a VIP varies between operators, but you can expect this to mean wagering >$5,000 a month. Rewards also vary, from loyalty bonuses, to gifts and even exotic holidays.

A lot of operators don't have formal VIP programs and you may need to contact them if you believe you qualify. Most will get in contact with you if you show up as someone wagering large amounts over a sustained period of time, but it is always worth checking as this won't always be advertised.

Reload Bonuses

Types of Loyalty Bonuses

Reload loyalty bonuses, essentially deposit match offers for existing players, can offer a bigger bankroll boost to regular players wanting to extend their gameplay. When used as a loyalty bonus, these reloads are offered exclusively to the most committed players - often with much higher deposit match conditions (i.e get a 500% deposit match up to $2,000). This both rewards loyal players and encourages other players to try and qualify for future offers.

Free Spins

Though more common for new players, free spins are sometimes used as a form of loyalty bonus. This is particularly the case when a casino is promoting a new slot game, giving the dual benefit of free spins and first access to new and exclusive games.

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